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Adjustable Media Frame


The Corps Design Adjustable Media Frame will be the most useful prop in your arsenal.

The standard frame adjusts from 4′(w) x 6′(h) to 10′ x 10′.  The casters telescope out to provide a wider wheel base for the days when you may have some wind.  With this basic backdrop frame, you can easily get many different looks.  For example:

  • Year 1 – 10′ x 10′
  • Year 2 – tall and skinny, 4′(w) x 10′(h)
  • Year 3 – eclectic – all different sizes
  • Year 4 – make a single giant backdrop – see the pic in the gallery of Vero Beach HS with a 10′ x 80′ wall!

But wait, there’s more!  Your backdrops can effectively move as an integral part of your show – See how Princeton (TX) High School incorporated prop movement into their show:

You may also be interested in Guard Gear Holders for flags and rifles.  Also, if 10′ x 10′ isn’t big enough, we have the Media Monster (up to 14′ x 14′).


Adjustable Height6‘ - 10‘
Adjustable Width4‘ - 10‘
Adjustable Wheel Base41” - 78”
Shipping Weight110 lbs

Includes 2 expansion sleeves for widths 8′ – 10′. Standard caster configuration is (4) swivel casters, 2 with brakes.